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Personalized Planners: Just for you!

Personalized Planners: Just for you!

Posted on 07/05/22

Get your personalized planners at the bottom of the page!

At DGHE, we like to support our students every step of the way. From filling out the first application form to graduation day, we will be by your side. So of course, we are here to help you get organised and ready for your day.

During the last couple of years, planners became even more popular. It’s not surprising: they bring some fun and colour to our day-to-day schedules and for some, they are an important part of getting in order. With so many meetings, appointments and assignments, who can remember everything on their to-do list without a cheat sheet?

With a quick search, it gets clear that the planner’s fever is here to stay. Pinterest is full of ideas and templates to bring inspiration; Etsy has 1,014,701 results for personalizable planners, and Amazon has more than 70k available designs! Our Business students will be interested to know that the hobby and stationery industry is worth a whopping $113,118 million.

With that in mind, we prepared a personalizable DGHE study planner for our students! All designs are free and you can choose to either print them or use the digital versions on your device. They will also be available at the library for anyone who would like to check them out.

To download your brand new personalized planners, just click on your chosen design or access our Canva template.

Monthly Planner

White Weekly Planner

Blue Weekly Planner

Daily Planner

Task Planner

Let’s get planning! 🖋️

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