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“I’m really grateful to David Game Higher Education and I would love to share my story. It can be quite daunting as an adult to decide to go back to study. I hope this testimony will encourage others to make the same decision. During my studies, DGHE provided all the support I needed to complete my course. When I was studying, there was a time when I had some personal issues and challenges that impacted my studies however, I received all the necessary assistance from Sima who was there for me during these difficult times. I persevered and managed to pass my HND modules. She was also the one who gave me the motivation to continue with the Top-up course and finish with a 1st Class Honours degree. I’m really grateful to the DGHE team.”
Esther Joha Mpamugo – BA (Hons) Integrated Health and Social Care (Top-up) (2018-2021)

“My journey towards a new career started with DGHE. I am so grateful for choosing this institution and believing in its services. Thank you for teaching me and getting me ready for this beautiful industry.”
Isabela – HND Art & Design 2018-2019

“With the knowledge and skills, I gain from my course I now work as a Marketing Specialist. Something I couldn’t have achieved without DGHE the assessors and staff support.”
Alexandra Vasilica Timaru – BA (Hons) Business Management (Top-up) (2018-2020).

“I am really happy that I had the opportunity to study at David Game. Two years of continuous improvement. From a shy person with little social contact, I became a chatterbox, a Merit student, a class representative and I made friends for life. All this would not be possible without a few amazing lecturers and David Game staff. I owe this to Mr. Piers, to Mr. Michael, Mr. Bernard, Mr. Bruce, and Mr. Tahsin, and to Mr. Juan who encouraged us to see beyond the 2 years of college. They were always supportive and they offered me precious advice. All teachers do an exceptional job and are an inspiration for many students. Thank you David Game for this unique and amazing experience.”
Mariana Sandu – HND Business (2018-2020)

“David Game was an eye-opening experience, on the first year of my studies I got a promotion at work and became Team Leader in a Residential Care Home. I was very passionate about my role and last Year the Company I am working in, received Excellence Award in Health and Social Care. At DGHE, I met absolutely inspirational lecturers, like Dr. Suzan, Prof Bruce, and Program Leader Hazel, they make me believe I can do more in my life. Despite being a mom of a 3-year-old and having a lot of responsibilities I prioritise my learning and was pushing myself to the limit. I have ups and downs but all staff and students were very supportive and responsive and helped me to achieve my aspirations in life. David Game College helped me to discover my passion for social care and gave me tools to go forward, and this year I was accepted to the University of West London to study Public Health. A Dream came true! Always believe in yourself, educate yourself anything is possible! Thank you David Game.”
Olga Mamcic – HND Health and Social Care (2018-2020)

“It was a great opportunity for me to study at David Game College and to learn more about the world of Photography. DGHE helped me not only to develop a lot of new skills and knowledge but also helped me to grow as a person. These two years gave me all that I needed to approach my goals and become more confident. I would like to say a big Thank you to all lecturers and admin staff of David Game College for their support and hard work during these two years!”
Anna Dimitrova – HND Art & Design, Photography (2018-2020)

“If you would like to study a profession that is relevant to immediate job opportunities after graduation, then David Game Higher Education is the right choice for you. Here at David Game, you will develop the know-how to acquire skills for your future, you will be supported by caring and hard-working staff to make sure you are on the right track to success and you will develop the courage to be the person you want to be. I was lucky to be part of a diverse group of classmates, where learning was fun and motivating. With confidence I can recommend you to start your journey here, what you will learn is invaluable knowledge and knowledge is power for you to unlock your potential future!”
Roly Majla – HND Health and Social Care (2017-2019)

“I’ve been honoured to be accepted in DGHE for my Business and Management studies. Despite the challenges of full-time work and studies here at the college, the lecturer’s and staff support really makes the difference. Professional teachers, a well-stocked library, computer labs and valuable events. I am currently in my 1st year and I have already improved myself, confidence and knowledge. I am looking forward to the future. Highly recommend.”
Eleni Alexandridou – BTEC HND Business – Evening (2018-2020)

“To be a student at David Game Higher Education is a big opportunity for everyone who wants to improve their knowledge and to develop new skills for their future career. I am happy I have this opportunity and I definitely recommend David Game College to anyone who wants a fascinating student life experience and a safe profession in the future based on the valuable information and experience acquired from the professional team at David Game College”.
Claudia Modiga BTEC HND Healthcare Practice fo England (2017-2019)

“My first year at David Game College has been a great success with the help of the tutors and the staff even with the pressure of home and work life. I am now about to start my second year and after completing my HND, I will continue my studies into BSc in Business Management and then progress to achieve a Master degree in Digital Business Management. David Game Higher Education centre has given me the confidence that I need.”
Alfred E. Soroh BTEC HND Business (2017-2019)

“My first year at college has gone so much faster than any other year of my life. I feel like I’ve been careering through my semesters at breakneck speed. I’ve met so many wonderful people and built up a friendship group of people who are struggling with the same things as I am; we support each other, and they’re always there for me. I’ve learned more than I ever thought I could. At the beginning of the year, I was lost in a sea of strangers, but now I recognize so many faces. I am in year 2 and I feel more confident and I’m sure I will achieve my goals. I love David Game college”.
Krasimira Nedelcheva BTEC HND Business (2017-2019)

“I’ve nearly finished my first year at David Game College and I am really enthusiastic about my experience so far. I was surprised to discover such a positive environment, surrounded by professional, supportive and prepared staff, including the lecturers and the administration staff. I received incredible support that will help me to achieve my goals and to build my future in a way that I did not expect. I strongly recommend this College to all my friends and I will be always thankful for what I am learning there”.
Francesca Catuogno BTEC HND Public Services (2017-2019)

“My first year at David Game College was remarkable overall, as it provided challenging situations and trained me to understand from another perspective, the various issues regarding public services. I feel extremely lucky to be in an environment that is stimulating and challenges me intellectually, which can help me to boost my career opportunities and allow me to experience a different educational, social and cultural life”.
Carmen Echel BTEC HND Public Services (2017-2019)

“I was extremely proud to have studied at David Game Higher Education. I must say, I was taught to high academic standards and this is evident at Middlesex University where I am currently studying Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Top-up degree. I want to use this medium to thank both academic and non-academic staff for all their efforts in making me what I am today. Thank you DGHE.”
Guilford Ovie BTEC HND Health & Social Care (2016-2018)

“I have just finished my second year at David Game College and I am sad to say that I will really miss this place! Here I’ve found not only helpful, guiding and supportive staff, but most of all, good friends. My lecturers weren’t only great professionals but they motivated and inspired me. They helped me to see everything I am capable of and as a result, I graduated with distinction. I am up to continue my studies at the University of Greenwich studying Business with Marketing. Thank you all, for taking the long journey with me and helping me to make my dream come true!”
Svletana Georgia BTEC HND Business (2016-2018)

“Studying at David Game Higher Education College has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has been unforgettable. I’ve enjoyed the caring and friendly environment, good facilities, and the variety of services offered. The standards are very high, which always makes me feel well supported. The relationship between lecturers and students is very cordial, which gave me an opportunity to excel in my area of interest. I’ve been very supported in my study. Most of the lecturers are really kind and their way of teaching is really interesting. They are also very motivational. The two years spent here were splendid and have helped me to grow better professionally & personally. The thing I admire the most about DGHE College is the support I received from everyone at the school. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I have achieved without that caring environment. I would like to thank all the lecturers and admin staff for making me a “Better Person”.”
Monika Lagiewska BTEC HND Business (2016-2018)

“I had an amazing experience studying at David Game College. I learned so much even though many times I felt it was very challenging for me. The atmosphere within the college is so friendly and helpful. Lecturers encouraged me a lot. The administration team is so nice and they assist me to go to a higher step. I highly recommend studying at this college. Big thank you! I loved to study at DGHE”.
Tatiana Sharatova BTEC HND Business (2016-2018)

“Although I found the 2 years very challenging, I still consider them the most wonderful years of study. The professors that I met there were impressive with their wealth of knowledge and support. They had a great impact on my life and I learnt from the best leaders with professionalism, a wonderful example of life and extraordinary courage to become one like them in one day. Thank you for the opportunity to study at DGHE and for all your support. I wish you great success.”
Eugenia Suteu BTEC HND Health & Social Care (2015-2017)

“The experience I had as a student at David Game Higher Education was great. I had great and supportive lecturers who guided me during my studies with professionalism and empathy. The knowledge I gained during the course from the marvellous lecturers at DGHE helped me successfully complete my Top-up Degree afterwards. The academic and administrative staff was always supportive.”
Sina Tranca BTEC HND Health & Social Care (2015 – 2017)

“I have never regretted attending David Game College and will continue to recommend at any chance. The matured professor and professional administration staff brought out the excellence in me, gave the platform to pursue my vision to become a social worker. Thankfully, progressing to university next year”.
George Opoku BTEC HND Health & Social Care (2015-2017)

“As a student at David Game College, I have had a fantastic learning experience. The environment was so friendly and the staff so supporting. The outstanding lecturers have been providing excellent courses and have helped me whenever I had an issue.”
Victoria Miroiu BTEC HND Health & Social Care (2015-2017)

“I am very proud to have studied here. The outstanding academic team have helped me in my endeavours to have graduated with a Distinction.”
Parvaneh Sayyah Khabisi – BTEC HND Business Management (2013-2015)

“The helpful lecturers and supervisors have allowed me to gain the necessary knowledge which has helped to successfully progress to the final year – BA Hons in Business Studies and also allowed me to share my knowledge with my employer”
Silvija Kavoliute – BTEC HND Business Management (2013-2015)

“David Game College provides a great atmosphere for students to genuinely grow and learn in their field of study and with high standards. I have successfully completed my first year and I loved every moment.”
Andrea Nunes – BTEC HND Hospitality Management (2014-2016)

“I had a good experience and l am so proud to have studied at David Game Higher Education. The guidance I received from the college and the way lecturers engaged with students taking their time to explain challenging subjects were remarkable. My time at the University of Sunderland was good and I was confident due to the good foundation and knowledge I learned at DGHE”.
Blessing Bernard – BTEC HND Hospitality Management (2014-2016)

“I am in second year at David Game College currently pursuing HND in Business Management with the aim of progressing to University to complete BSC in Business Management.”
Richard Appiah – BTEC HND Business Management (2014-2016)

“David Game Higher Education establishment is a lot more than a college, it is a place that can change your life, and it is a place where you get prepared to tackle the challenges of the contemporary business professional world. As a student, I used to get all the support that I needed not only academic but also every aspect of students’ life. I will always consider the academic and administration staff at David Game HE as part of my family. Because this is what you get here – High-level education plus friends for life.”
Simeon Alvas – Business Management (2013 – 2015)


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