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School of Social Sciences & Health

The School of Social Sciences & Health provides a range of qualifications for those wishing to work within Criminal Justice or other similar professions, and across the Health and Social Care field.

For those interested in the Criminal Justice sector, our qualifications are designed to afford you the best opportunities to pursue a career within, for example, the Police Service, Probation Service or the Youth Justice field.

Equally, for those of you wishing to work for one of the key support areas within Criminal Justice, such as Criminal Intelligence or Crime Analytics, our courses provide options there too. Each of our qualifications provides both the academic grounding and the skills needed to successfully engage in the wide range of careers available within the field.

For those interested in a career within Health and Social Care, our courses are developed to fit those who are at the beginning of their career path as well as those who already have a high degree of experience in the Health and Social Care professions.

For those just starting out, our qualifications will provide you with the tools and confidence necessary to thrive and grow within your role. For those who have been working in the professions for a longer period of time, our qualifications will allow you to enhance your current role and prepare you to take on the challenges that make the Health and Social Care professions the rewarding, dynamic and challenging ones that they are.

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