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BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care Leadership and Management

Key Information
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    Campus: David Game College - London

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    Duration: 3 years

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    Mode of Study: 2 days per week (Daytime or Evenings & Saturdays)*

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    Level of Study: Undergraduate

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    Next Start Date: September 2024

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    Awarding Body: University of Gloucestershire

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    UCAS code: N300

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    Intakes: September


The demand for care in the UK is growing and is expected to continue to grow. Competent, skilled and knowledgeable leaders and managers are needed at all levels of health and social care to lead healthcare workers and ensure that users continue to receive high-quality care. This degree responds to the growth and demand within the health sector – especially the need for talent and improved standards in management and leadership.

The BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care Leadership and Management aims to provide students with the underpinning knowledge, skills and values required to work in leadership and management roles in health and social care settings in both acute and community sectors.  The course provides students with a range of pathways into careers and further study. The programme aims to ensure that our graduates are employable in more senior and managerial positions within the Health and Social Care sector.

We designed the overall approach of the programme to stimulate the minds of students who aspire to become leaders and managers within the Health and Social Care sector. The programme builds knowledge and skills, theory and practice of leadership and management. Classes include active engagement in the theoretical problems that impact the sector. Besides the content taught in class, students are expected to spend time reflecting on how learning enables them to develop both academic and practitioner skills as well as independent study.

Students will be taught using a diverse range of teaching and learning methods, including blended learning experience, flipped learning, group work, seminars, workshops that will be tailored for module-specific help, presentations, simulations and personal one-on-one tutoring by highly competent lecturers with extensive health and social care practice background. Students will be encouraged to critically reflect upon their own practice and consider the role of a leader and manager within the subject area.

The objectives of the BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care Leadership and Management are as follows:

  • Create independent and critically reflective practitioners.
  • Develop practitioners that are resilient and competent leaders and managers who are also capable of ensuring the right skills development and knowledge within their own staff.
  • Provide students with the underpinning knowledge, skills and values required to work in leadership and management roles in health and social care settings in both acute and community settings.
  • Ensure that our graduates are employable in more senior and managerial positions within the Health and Social Care sector.
  • Develop life-long learning which will encourage students to facilitate their own professional development and that of others through reflective practice, education, supervision, feedback and evaluation.

*This course is delivered two days per week or two evenings plus Saturday. In addition to the 2 days of timetabled classes, learners are required to attend a personal tutor meeting twice per semester. 

  • Modules
  • Entry Requirements
  • Admissions Process
  • Course Specifications
  • Assessment
  • Progression
  • Careers

Year 1

Level 4
Modules Level Credits
Health and Social Care in Context     4     30
Health and Social Care Policy and Legislation     4     15
Introduction to Management in Health and Social care     4     30
Communication and Collaboration in Health and Social Care     4     15
Public Health and Wellbeing     4     15
Reflection and Reflective Practice     4     15
Total Credits at Level 4      120


Year 2

Level 5
Modules Level Credits
Health Illness and Society    5     15
Management of Resources    5     15
Health Promotion and Wellbeing    5     15
Management and Leadership Skills in Contemporary Health and Social Care    5     30
Quality Management and Service Improvement in Health and Social Care    5    30
Safeguarding in Health and Social Care    5    15
Total Credits at Level 5     120


Year 3

Level 6
Modules Level Credits
Leading Organisations and Teams in Changing Care Contexts     6     30
Professional Identities, Development and Supervision    6      15
Comparative Health and Social Care Systems    6      15
Governance and Regulatory Processes in Health and Social Care    6      15
Entrepreneurial Skills and Innovation   6      15
To complete your programme, you must pass a minimum of 30 credits from the following core modules:
Dissertation     6     30
Service Improvement Plan     6     30
Total credits       120


Note: The BSc (Hons) Health and Social care Leadership and Management is awarded on completion of a minimum of 360 credits with 120 credits at each level.

At DGHE, we review applications individually, considering each applicant’s unique circumstances. Whether you hold a UK qualification, possess work experience or have obtained qualifications from overseas, we are open to discussing your application and exploring potential pathways for admission. We’ll look at the complete picture when it comes to your application; just get in touch with our admissions team at admissions@dghe.ac.uk, who will be able to advise you.

Examples of accepted qualifications 

  • 96 UCAS points 
  • Or UK Level 3 qualifications (e.g. Foundation Diploma, Access to HE Certificate, a BTEC Diploma/National, Advanced GNVQ or AVCE) 
  • Overseas Qualifications equivalent to Level 3 (e.g. Diploma de Baccalaureate, Brandos Atestas, Ensino Medio, etc.) 

In addition, Maths and English GCSE or equivalent are also required. 

Non-standard qualifications & Mature applicants 

  • We encourage mature students who are 21 years of age or older to apply. At DGHE, we value mature students’ diverse experiences and perspectives. While some entry requirements may still apply for this programme, we welcome applicants with relevant work experiences and carefully consider each one individually. 

For more information on accepted international qualifications, visit our designated page. 

English Language Requirements: 

IELTS 5.5 / 4/C in English GCSE / Functional Skills Level 2  

Students who have studied in a country where English is not the primary language will be required to meet our English Language Requirements. Usually, students must take an English Test offered by DGHE or provide one of the above. 

*If you do not meet the required standard of English requirement in the assessment, you will be offered our Pre-sessional English language course to help you improve your English to the necessary level to gain admission to this course.

Restrictions on learner entry: 

The BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care Leadership and Management requires learners to be 18 years and over at the start of their course. 

The College will ensure that entry requirements are applied in accordance with institutional policy and that the admissions process will take the following format.

Step 1: Apply

All applicants must first create an online portal account with David Game Higher Education and complete the application form

Step 2: Upload Documents

All applicants must upload the following documents on the portal:

  • Examination transcripts (English translation where necessary), or notarised copies and English Language examination transcripts (where applicable)
  • Your CV
  • One written reference from an employer or place of study
  • A copy of your passport
  • A 400-500 word personal statement outlining the reasons for applying to your chosen programme, how you feel you will benefit from the programme of study, what contributions you will make to the College and how this will help your future career aspirations
  • Photo (Passport style picture)

Note: If you are not able to submit the documents online you can bring them into the college and a staff member can do it on your behalf. If requested, applicants must provide two references in support of their suitability for the programme.

Step 3: Arrange an Interview

  • An interview will be conducted with an Admissions Officer or by a member of the academic team. During the interview, the information contained within the application form will be considered.
  • Applicants must demonstrate they have the necessary skills for successful completion of the course, evidence of motivation and the commitment to succeed. If the applicant lives overseas, the interview will be conducted via a video call or by telephone at a mutually convenient place/time.

Note: All applicants must present original examination transcripts on the interview day.

Step 4: Internal English Test

Applicants whose first language is not English, with no formal or recognised qualification, will be required to take the DGHE English Entry test to determine whether their level of English is appropriate for the course applied. The level required for entry onto the HND is typically an IELTS 5.5 or above.

If you do not meet the required standard of English requirement in the assessment, you will be offered our Pre-sessional English language course to help you improve your English to the necessary level to gain admission to the course.

Step 5: Accepting your Offer

  • If the applicant is successful in the interview, the applicant will be sent a formal ‘Conditional Offer’ letter via email from the college. Successful applicants are also required to submit a UCAS application and the Head of Admissions will notify the collaborative partner (i.e. the university) about successful candidates.
  • The University, on receipt of the application, will send an ‘Offer’. This will be ‘unconditional’ if the applicants have met all the requirements.

Note: The university acceptance process could take up to 3 weeks so we will appreciate your patience.

Once you have been approved by DGHE Admissions, you can apply through UCAS by visiting the UCAS website.

UCAS course Information

Course code: N300

Institution code: B94

Campus Name: David Game College

Campus code: E

Course Duration: 3 years

Course Delivery: Two days per week

Course Fees: £9250 (Loans available from Student Loan Company)

Awarding Body: University of Gloucestershire

Note: UK/EU students may be eligible for study loans/grants from the Student Loans Company. This support can help finance both your studies and day-to-day living expenses (depending on the course level). You can find more information related to Student Finance and the necessary qualifications by visiting the corresponding links. For more information, please contact the admissions team at admissions@dghe.ac.uk or T: 0203 220 0347

The assessments are specifically designed to develop students’ understanding of the sector. Students will be encouraged to reflect on real-life challenges and dilemmas in order to consolidate their learning and understanding.

The following assessment activities are used in this programme: essays, individual and group presentations, a reflective assignment, the development of plans and case studies, a portfolio, and a dissertation. In addition, students will be expected to undertake formative assessments, including presentations, guided learning tasks, and seminar participation.

  • We use various assessments, simulations, and role plays as part of the assessment process to address challenging areas of practice. We share with critical friends how students can be supported throughout the course of the programme in their attempts to gain voluntary hours within the sector and how experts from the field will be involved in the delivery of the programme to provide students with real-life scenarios.
  • Small class sizes and individual attention enable us to help students from all backgrounds gain the qualifications needed to maximise their higher education and career prospects.
  • DGHE provides workshops centring on the idea that a learner can build upon their learning through engaging in learning activities relevant to their subject areas.
  • Students are supported throughout their learning to develop their knowledge, skills and values required for future employment. Teaching is frequently based upon an experiential model of learning, enabling students to develop the ‘what,’ ‘how,’ and ‘why’ of practice.

Students completing this programme would be able to undertake further management studies at Masters Level. This could include courses such as MBA Business Administration, MSc Human Resource Management. An undergraduate degree would allow students to pursue research degrees at both Master and PhD levels. It would also allow students to complete professional programmes such as the MA Social Work or other allied professionals.

The UK Health and Social Care sector makes up a significant portion of the economy and the NHS for example is the largest employer in England.  The Health and Social Care sector is expected to continue growing due to demographic trends as well as a new interest in government in levelling up the sector. Therefore, students undertaking the programme will have the opportunity to move into employment within the health and care sector in management and leadership roles.  There are also management career prospects in diverse areas of the public sector, private and voluntary sectors including:

  • Managers in Care homes
  • Health care management within the NHS
  • Practice Manager in GP surgeries
  • Risk and compliance managers
  • Project Management Roles
  • FE teaching
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