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Student Registration to Vote

DGHE supports civic engagement from students by encouraging participation in elections. If you are British, Irish, or a Commonwealth citizen you are permitted to vote in all elections in Britain. However, you need to be on the electoral register to vote and if you haven’t yet registered to vote while studying at DGHE we encourage you to do so.

It takes only a few minutes, so please go to the Government page to register. You may need your NI number and your passport to complete the process.

Can you vote if you are not British?

Citizens of European Union states are allowed to vote in local elections. However, the Republic of Ireland and Commonwealth citizens can register and vote in all elections in Britain.

Why should you be on the electoral register?

You cannot vote if you are not registered. Also, credit rating agencies do consider electoral registration as an important factor when you are making purchases like buying mobile phones/contracts, applying for loans, and opening bank accounts.

What if you are registered at your home address?

You can register at home and at your college address and it’s great to be registered at both addresses as you will be allowed to vote in local council elections at both places.

If you are not interested in voting

You can choose whether you would like to vote or not; it is not compulsory.

Please get in touch if you still have any questions related to electoral registration at info@dghe.ac.uk