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School of Business & Management

At DGHE, we seek to educate people, create leaders and empower voices that will contribute to the world of business.

Our programmes of study will help you understand the fundamentals of management. They can help you launch your business career, change jobs or assume more responsibility at your current workplace. At DGHE, we make every effort to give you the necessary skills, knowledge and competence to be successful.

Our lecturers are highly qualified with relevant professional backgrounds that enrich the delivery of our programmes and give them those practical approaches which meet current industry expectations. We want to make you employable and therefore devote our time to creating and enhancing those skills you will need. Our wide-ranging programmes will give you the knowledge and foundational skills you need for business and management leadership. You’ll be able to add new capabilities to your resume and pursue professional pursuits with greater confidence.

What you will learn

  • Apply business principles to start-up organisations, or recognise inefficiencies in current organisational systems and areas for further improvement.
  • Construct business reporting, strategic planning and financial management reports.
  • Perform a basic marketing audit of an organisation.
  • Apply relevant human resources tools to assess HR management challenges.


  • Learn the theories and practices of successful professional management.
  • Acquire professional skills that can help advance your career options.
  • Develop your personal leadership and management expertise.