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Multi-Faith Prayer & Quiet Room in LG17

Multi-Faith Prayer & Quiet Room in LG17

Posted on 06/03/24

At DGHE, we believe in wellbeing and inclusivity. For that reason, we’ve been working on providing a new space for private prayer of all faiths, and for peaceful contemplation, meditation, and healthy quiet time.

Opening Monday, March 11th, LG17 will be ready for all students and staff to use at our Jewry Street campus. You can find this room by going down one level from the main entrance to DGHE and following the signs (first turn left then right).

This multi-faith prayer and quiet room is a silent, mixed-gender and mixed-faith space for all people 18+ at the College. It is a space for silent prayer and contemplation for individual use, not for group use.

Please see below for a list of guidelines for the use of this multi-faith prayer and quiet room, designed to benefit everyone who shares this space. By using this room, you are agreeing to comply with these guidelines.

Users of this space must respect these rules:

    • – Please keep the room tidy and accessible.
    • – Do not remove or add items of furniture.
    • – A maximum number of ten (10) people may use this space at the same time.
    • – If you wish to use any personal items of religious practice (including written materials, pictures or other objects), afterwards please take them away with you or place them in the store cupboard provided.
    • – Signs point the way to North, South, East, and West as an aid to locating Qibla (southeast when in the UK), and other directions.
    • – Do not prevent others using the room for long periods.
    • – Please keep noise to a minimum. Music, chanting and singing are permitted in this room but we request that you do so at a reasonable level.
    • – If you wish to take off your shoes, kindly place them in the shelving provided.
    • – No eating or drinking.
    • – No general conversations; this is a space for silent prayer and contemplation.
    • – No mobile phone calls or use of other devices.
    • – No collecting of money.
    • – No candles, incense or naked flames of any kind are to be used.
    • – No leafleting.
    • – People outside of the College, notably invited speakers, are not allowed to use this space as a platform for speeches or talks of any kind.
    • – Please respect the privacy and quiet of the occupants in neighbouring rooms.

For more information, please contact info@dghe.ac.uk

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