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World Book Day 2024

World Book Day 2024

Posted on 07/03/24

In celebration of World Book Day, we’re excited to share some of the hottest reads from our library! We’ve handpicked these gems from across all our programmes of study, so there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re into Business, Public Services, Health & Social Care, or Art & Design, we’ve got you covered, with a few extra surprises for the curious minds out there! 📚✨


London city

 Exploring strategy / Gerry Johnson, and others (11th edition, 2017) [658.4012 JOH]  

‘The essential introduction to strategy for the managers of today and tomorrow’. The book outlines the key concepts and tools of strategic management. It focuses on ‘hot’ topics of the moment such as innovation and entrepreneurship, and features case studies on organisations worldwide. 

 Armstrong’s handbook of human resource management practice / Michael Armstrong (15th edition, 2020) [658.3 ARM]  

This handbook recognises Human Resource Management as a strategic process. It considers Human Resources in relation to the needs of a business overall. It has been recently updated to reflect current best practice and new research. 

Research methods for business students / Mark Saunders, and others (8th edition, 2010) [650.072 SAU]  

‘Accessible and clearly written’, this is ‘the definitive and market-leading’ textbook for business and management students conducting a research project or writing a dissertation. It looks at the whole research process from choosing a topic through collecting and analysing data to writing up your final piece of work. 

Public Services

world book day and library resources for policing course

    • The psychology of criminal conduct / James Bonta & D.A. Andrews (6th edition, 2016) [364.3 BON]  

The book has been regarded as a classic in its field since the publication of the first edition over 20 years ago. It presents a theory of criminal behaviour and discusses the major risk/need factors of criminal conduct. Core concepts are presented succinctly, examining prediction and classification of criminal behaviour along with prevention and rehabilitation. 

    • The psychology of criminal and antisocial behavior / Wayne Petherick & Grant Sinnamon (eds.) (2017) [364.3 PSY]  

‘An essential work for academics and practitioners alike’ who are working in any capacity that intersects with offenders and the victims of crime. It is edited by an international panel of experts and is extremely relevant to social sciences students exploring ‘the nature and character of social deviance’. 

    • Oxford manual of major incident management / Paul Hunt & Ian Greaves (2017) [362.18 HUN]  

This quick-reference guide covers the spectrum of knowledge necessary for effective major incident planning and response. The book will be of use to anyone involved in major incident-planning and response from doctors, public health, general practice, pre-hospital care and communicable disease control, to nurses, emergency services, administrators and planners. 

Health & Social Care

world book day and library resources for health and social care

    • Promoting public mental health and wellbeing: principles into practice / Jean Brown, and others (2015) [613 BRO] 

The book examines the social, economic, political, cultural, and environmental factors that affect mental health and well-being on both societal and individual levels. Furthermore, it explores how prevention and intervention can enhance mental health. Three extended case studies show how principles can be applied in practice to different situations. 

    • A practical guide to delivering personalisation: person-centred practice in health and social-care / Helen Sanderson and Jaimee Lewis (2012) [610.23 SAN] 

This textbook focuses primarily on the provision of support for those living with disability, mental health problems and dementia and has been developed in partnership with an international community around person-centred practice 

This is an ‘essential guide’ for all staff in health and social care, including service providers, managers, practitioners and students. 

    • Action research for nurses / Peter McDonald and Jean McNiff (2015) [610.73072 MCD] 

A ‘gently subversive book’! ‘By doing action research, nurses can do more than just understand the context of their profession, they can change its future’. The book encourages nurses to investigate their practices to understand the context of their profession and ask ‘What is going on? How do we understand the existing situation? How do we improve it? 

Art & Design

world book day and library resources for art and design

    • Designing brand identity: an essential guide for the entire branding team / Alina Wheeler (2018) [658.827 WHE] 

This book is a ‘compendium of tools for branding success and best practices for inspiration’. Its focus is on building brands and creating impactful designs. Therefore it is aimed at both project managers and students, it features process basics, over 50 case studies and over 700 illustrations. 

    • Graphic design referenced:  a visual guide to the language applications and history of graphic design / Bryony Gomez-Palacio and Armin Vit (2nd edition, 2012) [741.6 GOM] 

Covering key elements from the history and development of graphic art from the 1920s onward this book is an ‘authoritative and accessible guide’ illustrated by the work of over 200 designers specializing in typography, environmental design, digital design and branding. The book ‘gives students a unique overview of what graphic designers do.’ 

    • Layout / Gavin Ambrose and Paul Harris (2nd edition, 2011) [686.2252 AMB] 

Part of the Basics Design series published by AVA Academia, this book looks at the arrangement of text and image on the page and is an update to the popular first edition of 2005. Additionally, it features new content, student exercises and specifically sourced visuals to illustrate the ideas discussed within the book. 

Study Skills and Research Methods 

world book day and library resources for research skills

Reflective practice: writing and professional development / Gillie Bolton (5th edition, 2018) [808.08861 BOL] 

Reflecting thoughtfully on your work is key for your professional development. This new edition of Gillie Bolton’s book contains an expanded range of exercises and activities, additional guidance on reflective writing assignments and discussion on reflection as an employability skill. More online resources are referenced and there is a new emphasis on creating e-portfolios for your professional development work. 

Critical thinking skills: effective analysis, argument and reflection / Stella Cottrell (3rd edition, 2017) [370.152 COT] 

Author Stella Cottrell is widely published on study skills and academic writing and is an acknowledged expert in the field.  This book aims to help students develop their reflective thinking, improve critical analysis and construct effective arguments. With a lively style and accessible manner, she breaks down a complex subject into easily accessible sections. 

Study skills handbook / Stella Cottrell (5th edition, 2019) [378.170281 COT] 

This fully revised edition of Stella Cottrell’s key text contains chapters on all the core study skills including research, critical thinking, academic writing, revision and teamwork. The book uses strong visual design and illustrations to assist learning and retention and is ‘accessible, fun and engaging/’ 


Some quirky, stylish and little-known gems in our library: 

Alternative hair: a retrospective1983-2005 [391.5 RIZ] 

A celebration of stylists at the Alternative Hair Show over the years. Photography, graphical art and typography all combine in this volume. 

Ando: complete works [790.92 AND]  

(text in Spanish, Italian and Portuguese) 

Philippe Jodidio’s retrospective features the work of the Japanese architect Tadao Ando. Additionally it is packed with stunning architectural photographs and drawings. 

PersonaZH: a week in the life of Nikolai [741.5 PER] – Reference only 

This Russian comic book is a limited-edition rarity from 2016.  The seven international comic-book artists portray a week in the life of the titular character, one day at a time.

Inclusive design: clear and large print best practice guide for designers [686.22 WIL] – Reference only 

Loose-leaf guide on inclusive typographical design, issued by the Royal National Institute of the Blind, the International Society of Typographic Designers and the Design Council. 

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