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Enjoy Our Website Accessibility Updates

Enjoy Our Website Accessibility Updates

Posted on 22/04/24

We’re happy to announce some accessibility updates to our website, in line with WCAG, that will make everyone’s browsing experience smoother and more enjoyable!

Here’s what’s new:

We’ve made some changes to the appearance and functionality of buttons, links, and controls. This means that moving around the website should now be easier and more intuitive. Plus, controls clearly show when someone highlights them, helping you navigate with confidence. Screen readers and other accessibility tools will now find navigation easier.

Alt Text for Images:

Ever had trouble seeing images? Now they’re all described! We’ve added alt text for images, which provides a brief description when you hover over them. This makes it easier for everyone to understand what the images depict – including people who are visually impaired or with low vision – enhancing accessibility and making browsing a breeze.

Simplified Blog Page:

Finding and reading blog posts is now easier! We’ve revamped the blog page to make it simpler to find articles. You can jump to different sections or filter articles by topics, making it easier to discover content that interests you.

Mobile-Friendly Improvements:

No more troubles with zooming, clicking and scrolling on your mobile devices! We’ve made the website a little more user-friendly on smartphones and tablets. This should make it easier to browse on the go.

Performance Enhancements:

We’ve been optimizing the website’s performance, so it now loads faster and runs more smoothly. Enjoy a seamless browsing experience from start to finish.

Homepage Layout Enhancements:

We’ve given the homepage a makeover to highlight important sections and announcements. The refined layout simplifies finding what you’re looking for, be it upcoming events or the latest news.

We’re committed to continuously improving our website to provide you with the best possible experience. Please always let us know what we can do to improve your experience at DGHE. We hope you enjoy these updates and happy browsing!

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