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Haringey Sixth Form College visits DGHE for a session on Organised Crime

Haringey Sixth Form College visits DGHE for a session on Organised Crime

Posted on 20/05/24

Our college recently had the pleasure of hosting learners from Public Services and Uniform Protective Services classes at Haringey Sixth Form. The aim of their visit was to participate in a 2-hour seminar focusing on Organised Crime, led by our Public Services lecturers, Khetish Hurry and Pardis Asadi.

Lecturers delivered an interactive activity to help the students understand the study of organised crime at DGHE. Participants were asked to write down their thoughts, which were then shared on a whiteboard. We then facilitated a discussion, encouraging learners to reconsider their initial perceptions and engage in an open dialogue.

Following this, tutors provided an academic overview of organised crime, giving our guests a taste of what it is like to study Criminology at a higher education level. We covered various aspects such as drug and human trafficking, counterfeit products, child/forced labour, money laundering, and ties to the legitimate economy.

To ensure active participation, they set up the classroom in clusters, with each group assigned a specific topic to explore. Guided discussions with specific questions and probes helped deepen the learners’ understanding of the subject matter.

The session gave learners a deeper understanding of the challenges of organised crime and why it’s so important to tackle it. It was a pleasure to host Haringey Sixth Form, and we’re excited about the possibility of welcoming them again to our Aldgate campus!

For any inquiries about organising similar sessions for your students, please don’t hesitate to contact us at marketing@dghe.ac.uk


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